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Welcome to The African Linguist Network

The ALN helps you find a skilled linguist in any African language.”

  • The African Linguist Network is an online network that connects African linguistic and translation experts world-wide.
  • Within the ALN network you are able to share your ideas, knowledge, skills and opportunities around the field of translation and linguistic services. The ALN is a top global resource for finding African translators and linguists for any language-related project.
  • If you are a translator, linguist, tutor or student of African languages registering a profile will help build your net-work, career and abilities!
  • Free registration 100% for all African language teachers, translators, interpreters, journalists, writers, editors, voice over artists, researchers etc
  • If you speak and work in a field related to any African language, you qualify to be among our members. With the ALN you can truly excel in your field by using our large network that connects African language professionals. We welcome you to join us and share your skills, ideas and challenges.
OUR Goals:

  • Connect specialized translators with one another through facilitating communication among all members.
  • Share ideas, skills, knowledge and educate African linguists.
  • To encourage African linguists to use computers and the internet as the main source of their daily work.
  • Benefit translators and interpreters by promoting recognition of their value to society
  • Simplify everyday work by providing companies and institutions with an essential resource for accessing African language experts.

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