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Localization of your product – more than just translation

Preparing your product for use around the world often goes deeper than simply translating the text content or GUI. Localization is the process of adapting your product, to a specific locale — to its language, standards and cultural norms as well as to the needs and expectations of a specific target market. In addition to the translation of text, factors such as icons, culture content and technical issues must be considered including local conventions, time/date displays, measurement systems, numbers and currency, legal conventions, character encodings & fonts.

Localization of any product, any language, any market African market.

The ALN provides a wide variety of professional localization consulting, project management and engineering services to ensure accuracy, compatibility, reliability, performance and acceptance in African language markets worldwide.

Why use The ALN for my localization project?

  • Affordability – Improved Return on Investment from outsourcing your translation & localization process work.
  • Accuracy & Quality – Qualified and accurate bilingual and multilingual native speaking translators. High quality assurance standards through proofreading and editing processes.
  • Accessibility & Acceptance – Multi-language vendor enables our support for African languages
  • Compatibility – All computer platforms and programming languages
  • Expertise & Experience – Professional trust from performing thousands of translations each day and delivering global solutions to corporations, governments, organizations and businesses around the globe.
  • Global Network -Global network with linguists all over the world.

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